In the News : Ontario Employers Need to Know about the Dean Report

In the News


What It Is

The Dean Commission was created by the Ontario government in response to the Toronto scaffolding tragedy Christmas Eve 2009. Its mandate: Take a no-holds barred look at the province's current OHS system, determine what's broken and what needs to be done to fix it. The commission has issued its report.

The report makes 46 recommendations. There are 12 recommendations that directly affect employers, of which we are highlighting a few here:

1.Requiring employers to provide entry level OHS training and awareness to all workers and supervisors covering compliance matters like rights and responsibilities and the role of the JHSC (Recs. 10 and 14);

2.Requiring the MOL to develop mandatory training on fall protection and other high hazard operations (Rec. 17);

3.Making employers display a new safety poster describing legal rights and responsibilities of workers, employers and supervisors and telling workers how to contact the MOL (Rec. 10);

4.Mandatory training for health and safety representatives (current law requires training for JHSC members only) (Rec. 13);

What Happened Next

This highly visible incident caused the government to adopt many of the Dean Commissions report recomendations in the form of Bill 160 which ammends the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  

June 2011:   Bill 160 recieved Royal Assent, thus ammending the OH&S Act.

The appointment of Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) took place in August 2011, while the formation of the Prevention Council is now under way.

April 2012:  The CPO has now taken over responsibility for the prevention function of the WSIB and the management of the various Safety Associations.

One of the direct effects is the setting of standards and requirements for  health and safety training.  

For the present Certification training remains as it has been and is now administered by the MOL.  Beclin Associates Inc. continue to be an approved provider and have updated our 2 day Part 1 course as per standards, including alignment with Bill 160 elements.

Implementation or other sections of Bill 160 can be expected in a timely manner.