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Reducing your energy usage and costs is now an essential business focus. Gone are the years of unlimited fossil fuel resources. Energy costs in businesses, in many situations are now the major cost factor, exceeding labour costs. This situation will not improve in the near future and in the opinion of the writer may well drag out, or escalate the recession we are just recovering from. Businesses that do not focus on this fact will become uncompetitive. Climate change is also a major concern. Utilities are now structuring their pricing based on time and season of consumption. Seeking the best price and when you use energy becomes more vital.

We look at this scenario in four ways:
1. Analyze your current energy usage by time and type
2. Optimize you current energy usage with a diligent conservation plan
3. Recommend a program to implement more efficient energy appliances, and equipment.
4. Recommend alternative energy sources where justified and practical.
5. Train employees in the basics of energy conservation

Results to expected
  • Your business profits have to improve
  • Your utility costs will decrease
  • You will lessen your impact on the environment

  • Energy Management Basic Steps:
    Three basic principles to implement that will immediately reduce your consumption, without our help
    1. Don’t turn it on unless you need it
    2. Turn it off when you are finished
    3. Convert to energy efficient and sustainable systems.

    Item 3 you can do yourself by following simple strategies— such as switching to energy star appliances and lights. We can then help you if required by auditing the usages and efficiencies, to identify further reduction opportunities. This may include investigating opportunities to avail of lower rates from the utilities. Switching to time of use of certain appliances and equipment.

    How do you get started?
    Complete items 1 to 3 above as far as you can, and then give us a call. We will then recommend that a meeting be set up where we can evaluate the scope of work at your facility; as well as how far you wish us to be involved. After that we will present a proposal on the estimated cost of carrying out an audit of you facility, including the cost of our involvement as well as an estimate of your savings.

    Real example of Energy Conservation
    In a private home in Welland by using simple techniques it is demonstrated that a total energy reduction of 35.4% has been achieved from 2000 to 2010. i.e. the entire house energy consumption dropped from 100.5 GJ in 2000 to 65.1 GJ in 2010. Consider Solar Hot Water Heating

    Facts about Solar Energy:
  • The Niagara Peninsula receives about 2,000 hours of sunlight a year. This varies from 66 hours in December to 280 hours in July.
  • Direct sunlight has an energy equivalent of close to 1 kW/m2 (3.6 MJ/m2)
  • You can expect to recover around 1200 /year/m2 = 150 m3 gas = $110.00
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions = 275 kg/yr
  • We can advise you on the type of system to install, and recommend a supplier