Training: Confined Spaces


Confined Space

Significant amendments have been made to the regulations effective September 2006. They include mandatory training for all persons who enter or carry out related work in or about Confined Spaces. The regulation (O.Reg.632/05), as ammended by O.Reg. 95/11 require a written program covering the many aspects now required to be complied with before anyone enters the confined space. These amendments respond to the many tragedies that have occurred due to errors in procedures when entering and carrying out work in confined spaces.

What is a Confined Space
By definition a "confined space" means a fully or partially enclosed space,

a) That is not both designed or constructed for continuous occupancy, and

b) In which a hazardous atmosphere may occur because of its construction, location or contents or because of the work that is done in it.

Our course meets the requirement for General Confined Space Training as required in the regulations. It is suitable for Industrial, Construction, and other workplaces such as municipal.

Course duration is 1/2 day.

We are also capable of reviewing you program requirements and developing in association with you and your JHSC a complete program including carrying out an assessment of your confined space hazards.