Training: Effective Joint Health and Safety Committees


Effective Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC)

One of the keys to running a successful health and safety program is to have an effective JHSC. We recognize this and have developed a short course that covers the elements required to bring about a non partisan integration of the JHSC into the workplace operations. Clear expectation and understanding of roles is part and parcel of achieving the objective. This course builds on the JHSC competence level gained by Certification Training, but is intended to go to the implementation of the skills and knowledge aspects. As the JHSC comprises both management and workers it is the ideal platform to establish how the JHSC will operate effectively. Aspects covered include:

  • Terms of Reference
  • Use of decision making tools
  • Facilitation skills
  • Role playing
  • Interface with employer

  • The course is 1/2 day duration. Ideally it is specific in nature to a given workplace.