Training: Young and New Workers in the Workplace


Young and New Workers in the Workplace

Amongst the highest risk group of workers are those that are starting their first job, or those that are entering a new type of work. This is demonstrated by the many unfortunate instances where an inexperienced worker is exposed to hazards that they are not prepared for and becomes a fatality. Sometimes this is lack of training, willingness to please and get on, or lack of supervision.

We have developed a general orientation to health and safety with a strong emphasis to bring to light many common hazards in the workplace. Our course explains the basis of safety, rudiments of what the worker needs to know about the Act and their Rights under the Act. We go further to demonstrate typical hazards in the average workplace and the safe practices to control these hazards.

NB. This does not absolve the employer from completing a full Orientation to their workplace complete with training specific to the job, and safe practices. It will make the orientation better and substantiate the competence level of the worker.