International â â€¦the organization advocating for those with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, neuromyelitis optica, optic neuritis and transverse myelitis home share this page: transverse myelitis association volume 9 issue 2 article 4 note: tma was granted permission to reprint this article in our printed edition. The article summary is provided here. Neurology 2009;73:302-308 © 2009 american academy of neurology optical coherence tomography helps differentiate neuromyelitis optica and ms optic neuropathies j. N. Ratchford, md, m. E. Quigg, ba, a. Conger, ba, t. Frohman, ba, e. Frohman, md, phd, l. J. Balcer, md, msce, p. A. Calabresi, md and d. A. Kerr, md, phd from the department of neurology (j. N. R. , m. Q. , p. A. C. , d. A. K. ), johns hopkins university school of medicine, baltimore, md; departments of neurology and ophthalmology (a. C. , t. F. , e. F. ), university of texas southwestern medical center, dallas, tx; and departments of neurology and ophthalmology (l. J. B. ), university of pennsylvania school of medicine, philadelphia, pa. viagra online buy generic viagra buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra viagra for sale cheap viagra online cheap viagra cheap generic viagra buy generic viagra usa Address correspondence and reprint requests to dr. Douglas a. Kerr, johns hopkins university school of medicine, 600 n. Wolfe st. , pathology 627, baltimore, md 21287 dkerr@jhmi. Edu objective: to evaluate the retinal nerve fiber layer (rnfl) thickness and macular volume in neuromyelitis optica (nmo) spectrum patients using optical coherence tomography (oct). Background: oct can quantify damage to retinal ganglion cell axons and can identify abnormalities in multiple sclerosis and optic neuritis (on) eyes. Oct may also be useful in the evaluation of patients with nmo. Methods: oct and visual function testing were performed in 26 nmo spectrum patients with a history of on, 17 patients with isolated longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis (letm) without on, 378 patients with relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis (rrms), and 77 healthy controls at 2 centers. Results: substantial rnfl thinning was seen in nmo on eyes (63. 6 µm) relative to both rrms on eyes (88. 3 µm, p < 0. 0001) and control eyes (102. 4 µm, p < 0. 0001). A first episode of on was estimated to cause 24 µm more loss of rnfl thickness in nmo than rrms. Similar results were seen for macular volume. On also was associated with more severe visual impairment in nmo spectrum patients than in rrms patients. Eyes in the letm group and unaffected nmo eyes were not significantly different from controls, though conclusions about these subgroups were limited by small sample sizes. Conclusions: optical coherence tomography (oct) shows more severe retinal damage after optic neuritis (on) episodes in n.

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